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An epitome of luxury living

An epitome of luxury living

While buying a house or a property, there are several factors to keep in mind like location, neighborhood, greenery etc. Apart from that if the residential project is modern and luxurious then it should have main amenities like, a clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court etc.


Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue is the ongoing new project in sector 150 Noida which is modern as well as luxurious. They are providing all the facilities and amenities of a luxury project. Apart from a good design planning of apartments and lush green landscape, the whole project will be equipped with 24 hours security and safety systems. There will be no problem with parking as there will be ample parking for all people. A fitness center and an amazing clubhouse for the people to relax and enjoy their leisure time. Several open areas are designed for elderly people to relax and children to play in their free time.

This project is offering 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Noida 150 which is the most planned and greenest sector of Noida. This Spectacular residential project in Noida 150 offers an unparalleled lifestyle in one of the highly coveted localities in NCR which takes your living to next level.

So, if you are a person who loves comfort, peace, luxury, and nature. Then, Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue is the most exclusive for you and your family. Come and enjoy the ecstasy of living here with dynamism and exuberance amenities.

It’s time to fall in love with your new home

It’s time to fall in love with your new home

Many of us are desire new home at some point in our lives. At the same time, many of us wonder how to find the best apartment? But the idea of the best apartment varies from person to person according to his lifestyle. Before figuring out how to buy the best apartment, there are some points to remember which will make you find the apartment which suits you the best like location, neighbourhood, design, culture, connectivity, transportation, environment, facilities and amenities.


Noida is the leading in terms of real estate growth. Many projects are developing and construction in on the way. Among them, Samridhi Grand Avenue by Samridhi Group is the leading luxury residential project of Noida. The project is wrapped on 7 acres of land with 3 sides open and most the area is dedicated to landscaping which makes this project very aesthetic and very beautiful. The apartments in the project are well designed keeping in mind the modern spaces and are ready to move in flats in Greater Noida West. This is a good opportunity for investors to invest in the property in Greater Noida West.

This project fulfills all the requirements mention above which makes it one of the best and suitable project for you. So, you can stop wondering on how to buy the best apartment because the problem is solved by Samridhi Group which offers the most awesome residential project only for you fulfilling all your desires of a new luxury home.

Immerse in the coziness of an apartment

Immerse in the coziness of an apartment

For many of us, our home is the place of fulfillment. But apartment homes are in trend now. People are switching their present habitat and are shifting in luxury and big apartments. Unlike a personal house, apartments are usually built with several amenities and facilities such as clubhouse, pool, gym and many more. While living in an apartment is a convenient choice for those people who cannot purchase expensive homes. Also, there is no issue of security, parking, relaxing areas, and apartments are perfect if you are living alone and don’t require much big space.

With the rising of the real estate market, Noida is growing at a rapid scale in terms of real estate. Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue is the premium luxurious residential project in Noida 150. One of the most luxurious apartments in Noida sector 150. This project offers 3 bhk and 2 bhk flats in Noida 150. Each apartment is designed with the modern taste of architecture with spacious rooms and natural lighting. Wide balconies are connected with each room for versatility within a home environment. The project is loaded with green spaces and beautiful landscape. 80 percent of the area is dedicated to the plant kingdom to create a natural environment for breathing.

If you are a type of person who loves to live in a personal house, you haven’t experienced the bliss of living in an apartment. In the end, everyone wants to free from the stress and worries of life which is not a problem in homes like apartments.

A home that makes you smile

A home that makes you smile

Buying a home for you and your family is not a smooth task. There are several factors which are needed to understand and keep in mind while purchasing your dream home. The main focus involves Location, features, design, planning and most important neighbourhood, greenery etc.


Samridhi Grand Avenue is the new residential project in Greater Noida West which serves you the best amenities and facilities to you. The apartments are designed with the most luxurious and modern designing. The project is settled on a 7 acres of land with most of the area dedicated to nature and landscaping to make you feel and breathe healthily. A lavishing clubhouse which allow you to relax and play all kinds of sports for a healthy lifestyle. The apartments are stuffed with the most luxurious interior spaces and features to upgrade your lifestyle of living. The project offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments at a reasonable price. This isthe most luxurious project of Noida with the best pricing and built by the most renowed builders in Delhi NCR.

Also, the location of the project is accessible to Delhi NCR which makes the connectivity easier and more comfortable. There are residential, commercial and public hubs to make you a part of the extraordinary city.

This project is the new ready to move projects in greater Noida west. So, grab this hot opportunity and initiate the experience of living in the core city of Noida with Samridhi Grand Avenue presented by Samridhi Group.

Living in the heart of Noida

Living in the heart of Noida

With the hustling and busy life, people are not happy despite having all the things that they desire in their life for themselves and their family. A home is the only place for the family to bring togetherness and closeness to a family. Without a perfect home, your life is incomplete because, in the end, the only place to relax is your home sweet home. But most of the people, despite having good homes are not happy and they really don’t have the luxuries except a good home.


A good home becomes a perfect home when the people living inside happy and are at peace. For this purpose, SamridhiLuxuria Avenue is one of the new projects in sector 150 Noida presents by the most renowed Samridhi group.. This project is flooded with the most relaxing and rejuvenating amenities like play area for children, banquet hall, swimming pool, shopping complex, indoor games, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plan, security and much more. They are offering the most luxurious and lavish 2 BHK apartments in Noida 150. The main focus is created on the landscaping, to make the surroundings fresh, green and beautiful.

The apartments are designed with the innovative and relaxing spaces to make you feel relax all the time.

Also, the location is the main center point of Noida and the greenest sector which is surrounded by various residential, commercial hubs and greenery to offer you the most peaceful and great lifestyle you deserve.

So, don’t think twice and experience the joy and delights of living in SamridhiLuxuria Avenue with your family.

A home that delivers happiness

A home that delivers happiness

A home is not a place to live or to spend your time when you are free but a place where you feel relax, a place where you make memories with your family, a place where you feel totally yourself and feel a sense of togetherness and happiness. A home is the most crucial and important investment for a family because it’s a place where you and your family grow and nourishes and shares common living standards.


To make your home desires fulfill, Samridhi Group presents Samridhi Grand Avenue in Noida Extension where luxury meets you. They are offering 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartment in Greater Noida West with the most lavish facilities beyond your imagination. The project is spread over 7 acres of land with 14 residential towers with excellent design and planning. The main objective of this project is to deliver a natural and green environment and therefore, landscaping is done beautifully and aesthetically to make you feel and breathe healthy and natural. Many other amenities are provided like clubhouse, playing area, swimming pool to raise your living lifestyle.

If you are desiring to buy property in Greater Noida West, then Samridhi Grand Avenue is a more than a perfect living destination for you and your family and is just a step away from you. So, make your life not less than a king size with this project and experience the delightfulness of living in Samridhi Grand Avenue.

A Lifestyle that changes you

A Lifestyle that changes you

Everybody around us is desiring the most luxurious lifestyle. Lifestyle includes all the physical dimension that will showcase your personality to society. But the biggest lifestyle that will make you enhance and grow in your life is your home. Home is the biggest and the most deciding factor of your lifestyle. To live a luxurious lifestyle, you should have a luxurious home.


For this reason, the Samridhi Group presents Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue Which is the new residential project in Noida 150 with the most luxurious and lavish facilities and amenities in the Noida region. The project is located in the core heart of Noida which makes it the most connectivity project in Delhi NCR. Also, sector 150 of Noida is well planned and the greenest sector providing a fresh and natural environment.

Apart from the clubhouse, the project involves skating rink, outdoor fitness station, kids play area, lush green parks, cycle track and Open-air theatre for cultural purposes and much more.

The project offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Noida 150 at affordable prices. The apartments are well spaced and each room will lead you to a big balcony. The apartments are furnished with the most luxurious interior and furniture. Several green spaces are created around every tower to make your mind calm and relaxing.

Samridhi Group is the new real estate group which manifest the dream of a luxurious house. With Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue, you can change your lifestyle and live your life on your own terms and conditions.

Uplifting the new lifestyle of people

Uplifting the new lifestyle of people

Samridhi Group is one of India’s fastest growing privately-owned building and construction companies. They are fulfilling the promise of delivering luxurious homes to people at an affordable price. With the successful past project, they are presenting their most leading homes in Greater Noida west which is Samridhi Grand Avenue.


This project is regarded as the best residential project in Noida extension. Each detail of this project is designed to uplift your lifestyle to a whole new level. A great emphasis is been given to the outer design of the residential towers for a new level of grandness in your life.

Spread over 7 acres of land, with woo interiors, layout, designing and planning with the modern architecture makes it the most luxurious project of Noida. They are granting 2 bhk, 3 BHK flats in greater Noida west. Apart from luxurious homes and surroundings, the project is fulfilled with the latest facilities and amenities like open green spaces, 24×7 security, water supply and many more to make your life comfortable and relaxing and safe. A safe and protected and natural environment is been created for your children and family so that they live with the most free will and without any worry.

So, make a difference in your life and create the memories and experiences of living in Samridhi Grand Avenue which in the next home destination for the people of this generation.

Innovating the new habitat at Samridhi luxuriya Avenue

Innovating the new habitat at Samridhi luxuriya Avenue

Today owing house with so many options available is very difficult. People tend to check facilities and amenities and much more. After, all investing money in a luxury home is not a small deal. Samridhi luxuriya Avenue by Samridhi Group is the perfect home location to buy luxury homes in a natural surroundings.


Samridhi Group is presenting the most luxurious 2 and 3 bhk flats in Noida 150 which is the greenest and well planned sector of Noida region. This project is the leading project and is delivering the modern facilities which raise your living standards. 80 percent of the project is been dedicated to green area to make the people feel and essence the magical feeling of nature and green spaces improves our mood and fills us with positive emotions.

Also, it equipped with the most lavishing recreational, fitness and relaxing spaces. All the sports facilities and relaxing amenities are provided here. The main aim of this project is to create an ambiance of living along with nature and relaxing.

The design and planning of the apartments are vastu friendly for people to grow ahead in life. This project is a masterpiece of modern classy architecture and design.

This residential project in Noida 150 is considered the best project at an affordable pricing for people who are willing to take their lifestyle to a luxurious level.

Therefore, acknowledge this moment and experience the ecstasy of living in Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue.

The never ending luxury

The never ending luxury

Luxury apartments are the best apartments to live in as they offer more than just home and giving us the rich living experience. Living with the richness of life is the dream of every person. To complete this dream, Samridhi Luxuria Avenue is the project for you to connect with the rich lifestyle which you dream.


This is the new project in sector 150 noida which is constructed by Samridhi Group and is loaded with all the luxuries one can associate. All the world class amenities including fitness centre, spa, swimming pool and many more facilities are inserted in this project to give you the grand lifestyle which you deserve. One of the most desired and aspiring upcoming projects in Noida 150 offering 2 and 3 bhk lavish residencies at a very reasonable price. All the sports facilities are introduced to make you and your family lead to a healthy body and mind. The landscaping is designed beautifully to make you breathe fresh air and embrace the nature around you. The project is an elegant master piece of living where one can relax and revive and pause himself from the fast moving life because where we live signify the quality of life.

So, make yourself move to the lush green city and explore the new living standards at Samridhi Luxuria Avenue in sector 150 noida, where luxury is waiting for you.